Our Guarantee

Our reputation for providing the finest care and services is based upon exceeding your expectations each and every time. We believe ours is the most effective leather care repair system on the market today.


For 25 years we have skillfully perform the following services:


Living Leather & Vinyl Repair and Restoration

We can repair ripped, scratched or otherwise damaged leather & vinyl to like new condition.

  • Tears, scuffs, cuts and scratches are easily repaired
  • Severely damaged or cracked leather & vinyl can be replaced
  • Needed internal repairs can be performed to restore original integrity


Leather & Vinyl Cleaning and Conditioning

If properly cared for, leather & vinyl will last many years in excellent condition and are far more durable than either fabric or most other materials. But it does require maintenance to provide a long-lasting return on investment. By occasionally cleaning and conditioning your leather & vinyl you can correct the following symptoms.


  • Dryness or stiffness of material
  • Build-up of dirt and grime in the leather and vinyl grains & cracks
  • Surface cracking, grazing, staining or shadowing


Try our 100% natural Leather and Vinyl Doctor Cleaning and Conditioning kits. We use the best and thought you should too!

Leather & Vinyl Recoloring

For a fraction of the cost of a replacement, The Leather + Vinyl Doctor can prescribe a lasting new color for your leather & vinyl goods, dramatically improving their appearance to a like new condition, or completely changing the style, with nearly a limitless amount of color possibilities available.


  • Re-color your furniture, car seats & interior and marine interiors
  • Free color matching service
  • All leather & vinyl is carefully cleaned before re-coloring