Questions and Answers.


Take time to read the following answers. The information below is designed to answer the most important questions we are constantly asked in franchising and will also help you see the benefits in working for yourself as a Leather and Vinyl Doctor Franchisee.


Q: Do I need any leather or upholstery experience?

A: No, in fact none of our US or Australian Franchisees had any experience or upholstery background prior to their training. You will be trained in absolutely everything you need to know about repairing leather, vinyl, fabric and light upholstery work. Moreover, with our ongoing online training videos you can continually brush up on your skills and knowledge in the comfort of your own office or home.


Q: How much competition could I expect to have in the leather repair industry?

A: Very little, if any! Unlike most other repair or cleaning related franchises, the leather and vinyl has very little competition. just check your local yellow pages! This is partly due to the fact that repairing leather is unknown to the general public and the skills required are not commonly known or easily acquired.  Generally speaking a franchisee will have 0 to perhaps 2 competitors in their territory. Keep in mind that our competition focus is generally in the automotive repair industry with the occasionally furniture repairs.


Q: Is repairing leather, vinyl and fabric a service that is in demand?

A: Absolutely! In fact, so much so that every new technician quickly realizes the endless and overwhelming opportunity this industry offers. Most of the related industries are outlined in the Market potential tab.


Q: Do you have a marketing plan?

A: We have a comprehensive 12 months, week to week, plan that will allow you to get going instantly. As you follow this plan your business will grow within your territory and you will reap the benefits in months and years to come.


Q: Can I sell my Territory or Franchise later?

A: Absolutely! Once you have built your territory it’s yours to sell if you desire. The more you build your franchise the more it will be worth. A small fee does apply.


Q: Are there any other fees outside the weekly fee?

A: Absolutely None, other than transfer fees if you decide to sell. In order to keep the integrity of our repair system we do however require that only our core intellectual property chemicals are used. This will allow us to support you in all technical aspects of the business. These chemicals have been proven for 25 years and continue to improve in technology as does leather and fabric. Having said that, many other products can be purchased in your local area and a list of suppliers will be provided to you.


Q: Can I work part time or full time?

A: The opportunity is great and our business model and marketing plan is designed for full time entrepreneurs. The more you put in, the more you will get out.


Q: Do I need a warehouse or can I work from home?

A: This is a decision that is yours to make and while some of our franchisees work from home in the convenience of their garage others have leased shops together with other adjacent franchisees . As your business grows you may choose to lease a small warehouse or factory in order to expand to the full potential of this business opportunity. Speak to one of our directors and discuss the full potential of this opportunity and how we have built a great model for you to follow.


Q: What is the availability of franchises in my area?

A: The best way to find this out is by contacting our office and discuss potential territories in your area.


Q: Is my franchise area exclusive?

A: Absolutely! Once you are allocated an area or territory it is yours to own for the duration of the franchise contract. The maps are obtained from the Bureau of Statistics. We then ascertain the current population, number of businesses and income per capita figures for each franchise area. The total population for the area may change due to demographics but are very large.


Q: How many vans can I have in my area?

A: You may have as many vans and employees as you like operating within your franchise. There are no extra franchise fees or monthly royalty fees for doing so. Some franchisees opt to expand their business by taking on another nearby franchise area. Later, If there is availability you can do this by purchasing an ‘area only’ franchise. A smart way to expand is to add areas or territories. If there is availability you are welcome to expand in this way. Others prefer to build up one franchise area and stay closer to home. Once again the choice is yours.


Q: How much money can I make?

A: Your profitability and turnover will vary depending on a number of factors, including sales, time spent on each repair, your ability to manage your time and the time you spend following our twelve month marketing plan.


Q: Why is the Leather and Vinyl Doctor system unique to other repair systems?

A: The industry of repairing leather and vinyl began in the 60’s and 70’s and was specifically designed at repairing upholstery in the automotive industry. The Leather and Vinyl Doctor quickly shifted its emphasis to furniture repairs as the leather furniture became more affordable. Today, while our competitors continue to focus on vehicles repairs, we at The Leather and Vinyl Doctor clean, repair, recolor and re-upholster furniture in both the commercial and private sector.

Our system comprises of two different systems, one for the small in home repairs (damaged furniture etc…) and the second system is much more involved and includes total furniture restoration, re-coloring, frame repair and upholstery. A far more lucrative system to follow.

We have a no territory fee package available to those who qualify. This will initially save you thousands (check out our better than our competition tab). With our franchise system you only pay for your training, tools, chemicals, uniforms, collateral pieces, and van wrap. Our low royalty fee is fixed allowing you to make as much as you want without the burden of giving back a good percentage each month.

Training has never been easier with our online video training. We have minimized the time you will have to come to our head office in Salt Lake City Utah by providing you a set of training videos which you will begin to use two weeks before and as long as you need after your one week hands on training in Utah. The burden of training expense and time away from home is lifted while still providing first class training.

We offer Free accounting support and advice with our in house accountant during your startup period and while you set up your own business.

Finally, we have a comprehensive 12 month. This is a week to week marketing plan which details plainly the things you need to do to be successful in your own business. A busness coach will be assigned to you and available during business hours for your first 12 months. Following this plan will transform your business into one that will allow you to leverage your time and work by employing others.


Q: I have never been involved with Leather or any type of upholstery before, is it something I can do?

A: Yes, most people who buy a Leather and Vinyl Doctor franchise have never worked in this industry before. We will provide full training in how to identfy, care for and repair all leathers and fabrics. Once you are trained, we suggest repairing your own home furnishing or vehicle and then your families and friends. It will not take long to build up your confidence. We will provide you with all the training you require which training never stops with our proprietary online training videos.


Q: Do I get my own work or do the Leather and Vinyl Doctor provide the work?

A: The answer to this question is both. Some of our competitors charge a monthly or weekly advertising levy separate to the franchise royalty. With The Leather and Vinyl Doctor there is no advertising levy. We have and continually secure relationships with national warranty companies and national retailers. As soon as you are trained these companies are given your information together with your territory zip codes. You will then receive ongoing work, communicate directly with the company and get paid directly by them. Simply follow our system and work conduct protocols.


Q: How much do your products cost to re-order?

A. When you first start your franchise we will give you products and tools for 2 seperate systems. one system is used for all your mobile repairs and the other is for your shop repairs. Essentially the first Kit is designed for smaller repairs and the second kit for the much larger repairs. They will typically last you a few months without having to re-order anything. When you start running out you simply buy more stock from us. We can normally send products out the same day that you order them. The best way to explain what the products cost is a percentage of the job you do. Typically, franchisees report a cost of around 5%. While we expect you to purchase the “system chemicals” through us and this is simply because of their superior quality and have been proven time after time, we also give you a list of other every day products which would be available in your local area.


Q: Can I sell my franchise? What happens when I sell?

A. Yes, you can sell at anytime. The business is yours to sell. You simply let us know that you would like to sell and what your price is. We have the right of first refusal which means that we can buy it back first. If not, then we will say go ahead and sell it. Once you have found your buyer, you introduce them to us and we organize a transfer.


Q: I like what I have read, what is the next step?

If you are ready to be considered for a Leather and Vinyl Doctor Franchisee, please contact us direct on (801) 349-1120 or at info@theleatherdoc.com

Our Franchisees must possess the capital sufficient to purchase and fund the development of The Leather and Vinyl Doctor.

The Franchisee should have a desire to work in accordance with The Leather and Vinyl Doctor’s proven systems and be willing to diligently exert their best efforts to grow their business while every effort is taken at head office to generate leads and national accounts.


DISCLAIMER: There are some states that require registration prior to having any detailed discussions regarding opening new locations. If you are interested in one of these states listed below, we can take your name and contact information, and then notify you when we become registered: California, Washington, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Hawaii, New York